4x4 tyres

SUV tyres, off-road tyres, all-terrain-, mud-terrain- and 4x4 tyres - these are the differences:

More and more motorists are convinced of SUVs and choose the SUV as a practical vehicle for the family and tours in the field. Of course, with the demand for vehicles, the demand for corresponding tyres that are specially designed for 4x4 cars & SUVs etc. and meet the high standards is increasing. Already last year, a 21% increase in SUV tyre sales was noticed. The trend is still rising, and it is expected that top quality 4x4 tyres will soon be among the most frequently purchased tyres.

Below we would like to make you understand the differences between Off-road & SUV tyres.

Off-road tyres, especially A/T (All-Terrain) tyres, are designed for alternate use on- and off the road. The robust rubber coat cannot be impressed by sharp stones, by mud or sandy ground and is considered particularly insensitive. With classic summer- or winter tyres you are not well advised off the road, as even the slightest impassability can lead to a defect of the jacket and the associated ruptured or cut tyre. Modern off-road tyres are far quieter than you might think.

If your vehicle is subject to special challenges, mud-terrain tyres are recommended as a particularly coarse-grained variant. High-quality off-road tyres to ECE Regulation are louder than classic summer tyres or winter tyres but offer you maximum driving pleasure in a rolling resistance, which is norm-regulated with the designation S and surprisingly quiet according to the limit value. When buying Mud or All-Terrain tyres for your SUV and off-road vehicle, look for rough cleats and sturdy rubber that gives you safe grip.

Facts about the purchase of SUV & off-road tyres

Tyres are generally speaking the "feet" of the vehicle and the component that makes the only ground contact. For this reason, the tyres must comply with the requirements of the ground and the use of the vehicle. On SUV tyres are - due to the higher demands on different surfaces, greater demands. While a conventional car drives exclusively on paved roads, 4x4 tyres must withstand rough terrain. A stronger profile and more robustness against penetrating stones and damage caused by sharp objects are a prerequisite here.

Important: Even with 4x4 SUV tyres the seasonal tyre change (summer/winter) should be done.

If you are out and about on the road, you should always choose the off-road tyre option when buying a tyre and opt for high-quality 4x4 models. The selection is huge, making comparisons of models and manufacturers quite purposeful. First and foremost, it is not the price but the quality of the tyres that come first. In general, it is necessary to define the areas of application for the SUV and to make the decision to choose the right 4x4 tyres. In the category, there are serious differences that have a lasting effect on the driving experience and driving safety. If you are mainly on paved roads and rarely off the road, you can opt for street terrain tyres. Visible are the models at their designation ST, which is noted directly on the tyre. All Terrain tyres can be driven in the same way on the road and off-road because they are significantly more resilient than street terrain models. Mud Terrain tyres are the best and safest choice for predominantly use on uneven ground.

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