All Season Tyres

What differentiates all-season tyres from winter tyres and summer tyres?

The only and thus most important connection of the car with the road are the tyres of your vehicle. The forces involved in cornering, braking and accelerating are enormous.

All-season tyres differ from summer- and winter tyres mainly in two properties: the rubber compound used and the tyre tread.

The rubber compound influences the rolling resistance and the abrasion. While all-season tyres may be slightly louder than summer tyres on hotter days with the softer rubber compound, the rubber provides less grip on snow and ice than on the softer winter tyres.

The profile of the all-season tyres consists of longitudinal grooves for wetness and high temperatures in combination with a tread block “toothing” to improve grip on snow-slippery roads. In the changeable conditions of spring and autumn, all-season tyres offer the driver protection against weather-related surprises.

For whom are all-season tyres a sensible alternative?

With low annual mileage, in areas with constant weather conditions and with increased use of the car at the season change, all-season tyres represent a sensible alternative to winter- or summer tyres. Manufacturers from Accelera to Yokohama offer a wide range for every car and every need.

Tyre tests on all-season tyres

In the tyre tests published annually, the following brands were rated as particularly recommendable: Goodyear, Sava and Vredestein. The most popular and at the same time only all-season tyre with winter tyre marking is the Michelin CrossClimate. In addition to their driving characteristics, these tyres also achieved the best results in terms of fuel consumption and wear characteristics.

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