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The brakes – A very important component of your vehicle

The brakes of your vehicle are a complex system of mechanics, hydraulics and electronics. The keywords are ABS, ASR, ESP to name a few. In the new generation of vehicles, more and more computer-controlled safety systems are being used, which, in dangerous situations, can independently trigger a braking process.

We at the CTS Auto Centre know the different systems of the different vehicle manufacturers and are therefore able to properly service and repair your vehicle’s brakes.

“From 100 to zero should be faster than the other way around”.

Depending on the make, model and year of manufacture of your vehicle, more or fewer components of the brake system will need to be included in the testing and maintenance.

Testing your car’s brake system includes:

  • Visual inspection of the brake discs, linings, brake hoses, brake lines, brake lights and electrical system belonging to the brake system.
  • A check of the brake fluid for filling quantity, water content, boiling point, parking brake function, as well as diagnosis of the brake and safety systems with the test device, are carried out afterwards.

Only the optimal interaction of all components of the brake system of your vehicle guarantees maximum braking performance and the highest braking performance in all situations. We recommend that you should always have the braking system of your vehicle checked first by our experts.

This way, you will know for sure what needs to be done. Because not everything has to be changed or renewed every time, you bring your car for a service…

We at the CTS Auto Centre will make sure, all work on your vehicle is carried out correctly and only the best quality spare parts are being used to ensure your safety.

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