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Car repairs are a matter of trust. The CTS Auto Centre in Worcester is a master workshop that repairs your vehicle quickly and inexpensively. We only perform the works that are really necessary. Further repairs will only be done after consultation with you. It is important to us that you are satisfied because only a satisfied customer will gladly come back and recommend us.

Try us! You will be happy with our services. Regardless of whether your car’s next inspection/service is due or the vehicle is defective.

You will always get a first class and friendly service from us. Stop looking for the best auto repair shop in Worcestershire. Just come to us!

We are an independent workshop. We take care of your vehicle regardless of a particular manufacturer. Most car brands have authorised workshops. For smaller brands, these are often far away. Also, prices are usually much higher.

With us, you get the same service on favourable terms. Of course, we use the original spare parts of the brands. Our employees are well trained and know the specifics of the various car brands.

At the CTS Auto Centre, we also have the best equipment and the latest technology. This way, we can diagnose any problems in your car and come to the point quickly – no “shooting in the dark”.


Engine damage does not always have to be associated with high costs. Sure, a new engine costs a lot, but there are often alternatives. In many cases, a repair of the engine is possible. Our experts first analyse the source of the error. Within a short time, you will find out if the problem lies with the cylinder head, with the valves, with the crankshafts or with the piston.

We offer you the solution that is most cost-effective for you and at the same time guarantee that the vehicle functions flawlessly.

Only qualified mechatronic technicians work in our workshop. Due to their many years of experience, they solve any problem quickly and on favourable terms. This saves you time and costs.

So if you need our help, please get in touch.

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