ECU Diagnostic

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Is there a warning light, a symbol or an error code coming up on your car’s dashboard or do you have the feeling something is “different” when you are driving?

It’s probably nothing serious, but you should not ignore it.

Avoid any future trouble with your vehicle and come over to your CTS Auto Centre in Worcester for diagnostics.


The interior of modern motor vehicles largely consists of a computer-aided electronics. Often a two-digit number of ECUs are installed in a vehicle. These are networked via a data bus and can communicate with each other.

Corresponding electronic circuits have now replaced nearly all mechanical control components. Powerful electronic control units open up completely new possibilities in terms of safety and comfort. Complex systems such as ABS, ESP, park pilots and ACC can be realised with relatively little effort.

This development has completely changed the work and procedure of the workshop professionals. Precise system knowledge, up-to-date workshop software and a powerful ECU diagnostics tester are therefore the basis for the repair of modern vehicles. The ECU diagnostics enables communication with the vehicle electronics. For example, errors can be found faster in the workshop or other service functions can be activated.


The specialist staff at your CTS Auto Centre workshop use the most advanced diagnostic system and therefore has the ability to read the fault memory of the systems installed in every vehicle.

If error codes are entered there, the specialist must interpret them correctly because an error code in connection with an electronic component does not necessarily mean that it is defective. Before the expert exchanges components, he must determine the causes of the error with the help of classical measuring methods.

Powerful diagnostic devices offer a vehicle-specific, guided troubleshooting for such cases. Our technicians work off pre-programmed test steps, supported by illustrations and the specification of set points. After the successful repair, the fault memory can be deleted with the diagnostic tester.

A control unit diagnostic tester is also indispensable for the following standard work:
  • Reset service intervals
  • Brake repairs
  • Oil and battery change

In addition, the ECU diagnostics can also be used to diagnose and repair the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The TPMS has been mandatory for newly registered passenger cars throughout the EU since November 2014.

The ECU diagnostics tester is completed by a powerful workshop software package containing the:
  • ECU diagnostics software
  • Service Information
  • Troubleshooting instructions
  • Nominal data
  • Work values
  • Technical vehicle data for petrol and diesel vehicles
  • Schematics for all important areas of comfort electronics
  • Information about required adapter plugs.

Here at CTS Auto Centre in Worcester, we have all the latest equipment and regularly trained experts to carry out accurate vehicle diagnostics on your vehicle.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us and if you would like us to do an error reading/diagnostics on your vehicle, please call us or simply come to see us.