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The exhaust is one of the parts of the vehicle where regular maintenance is important. A defective exhaust is a noise disturbance and it pollutes the environment. We check your exhaust systems and replace defective parts, followed by a safety check. We dispose of the replaced parts professionally for you as well.

You hear strange noises while driving? It roars and roars? Assume that the exhaust is broken. Decreased performance and high fuel consumption also point to this. It's best to get your vehicle’s exhaust checked. There can be different causes. Has the exhaust rusted? Then you should come to see us at our CTS Auto Centre workshop ASAP.

If rusted parts fall onto the road, you could potentially cause harm to other road users - especially with sharp pieces. If the muffler is broken, it is not dangerous, but it can get very noisy, and neighbours may start to complain.

If the exhaust leaks, the quick way to the workshop is inevitable. The hot gases leak out and damage the underbody as the exhaust system is fitted under the car – there is an increased risk of fire. It may also be that toxic exhaust gases get into the car while you are driving.

As a rule, you cannot tell which parts of the exhaust are affected just like that. For your safety, it is advisable to always visit a workshop as a precaution.


Since the exhaust system consists of many different parts, we can’t automatically tell how much a repair would cost, but we can assure you that we always do our best to keep the costs down for our customers.

If the engine is leaking, the repair is rather easy. It is probably sufficient just to replace a seal. If it is not possible to mend the muffler and exchange is necessary, the costs will rise. If the complete exhaust system is defective and we have to change it, the costs will be different again.

Our team at the CTS Auto Centre in Worcester knows precisely what to look for.

When you bring your vehicle to us, we will thoroughly investigate the problem first, so we know which part of the exhaust system is causing problems. Then we can give you an accurate estimate of the costs and time. We will also speak to you about the different options in regards to spare parts/materials so you can also decide what you want us to do.

Like for any of our repairs, we only use high-quality spare parts and materials to ensure your safety.

So if you have problems with the exhaust of your car, the best way is to come and see us.

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