Puncture Repairs

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A tyre repair can be the cheap alternative to buying a new tyre.

For example, a defective valve can be easily replaced. Also, puncture damage caused by retracted nails or screws (90% of all tyre damage) can usually be repaired quickly.

Even though there are some DIY tyre repair kits available on the market, experts and tyre producers strictly advise car owners to get any tyre repairs done by professionals only.***

Tyre puncture repairs in Worcester - CTS Auto Centre

What we do:

  • Remove the tyre from the rim,
  • Check the extent of the damage,
  • Classify the damage as repairable,
  • Repair the tyre professionally.
  • Balance the wheel
  • Fit the wheel back on the car

***In order to be able to carry out a professional tyre repair, the tyre must not previously have been treated with a sealant (as it is for example contained in breakdown kits).

According to the law, damage to the running surface up to a diameter of six millimetres may be repaired (unless a tyre repair has been excluded by the tyre manufacturer, Run-flat tyres for example).

If the tyre is irreparably damaged (sidewall damage for example), a new tyre must be fitted.

Before buying a new tyre, please speak to us or have a look at our website to see all options and compare the prices.

We are confident; you will find the right tyre at the right price with us.

What does a professional puncture repair look like?

The professional tyre repair includes the following steps:

  • Drilling cleans the damage channel.
  • With the aid of a self-vulcanising filling belt, the whole channel is closed again.
  • From inside a repair, plaster is attached.
  • Following the tyre repair, the tyre is pulled back onto the rim. Also, wheel balancing is required because the repair patch might have caused an imbalance.

So, if you have a tyre puncture or your tyre is losing pressure, come to see us. No appointment needed.

Tyre puncture repair - Worcester - CTS Auto Centre