RAC and Motor Codes Approved Garage

Finding a good workshop is not an easy task. A garage visit can be quite expensive. And whether the quality is right, it is often difficult to judge. So play it safe and take your vehicle to the CTS Auto Centre in Worcester.

The RAC and Motor Codes have tested our workshop.

What does that mean?

A vehicle is being tested by the RAC, Motor Codes or other organisations. Their experts will record any servicing points or defects. Then the same vehicle is taken to an independent garage (without them knowing about the test) to carry out the same service checks/services/repairs.

Afterwards, the RAC/Motor Codes etc. experts thoroughly check the work of the garage.

If the garage has done a proper job without missing any of the points, the staff was friendly, and the billing was accurate, this garage can become a RAC/Motor Codes etc. garage.

These organisations carry out regular garage tests as part of consumer protection or in close cooperation with various manufacturers.

We at the CTS Auto Centre have gone through several of those tests and all testers have been very happy with our work.

So, we are confident; you will be happy with the quality of our services and our fair pricing as well.

Your CTS Auto Centre Team in Worcester