Run Flat Tyres

Run-flat technology is a wheel- and tyre system with emergency running properties. It consists of a self-supporting tyre, a unique rim ("extended hump") and the flat tyre indicator (RPA).

The principle of the self-supporting tyre is based on reinforced sidewalls with additional elastic rubber springs made of temperature-resistant mixtures. Thereby, a sinking of the tyre can be prevented even in a pressure less state over a certain distance. In the event of a flat tyre, which is displayed on the RPA on the dashboard, you can continue at reduced top speed (maximum 50 mph) and carefully adapted driving style. As a result, the next service station can usually be reached safely without having to change the wheel straight away after a puncture.

In addition, there is a considerable gain in security in the event of a sudden pressure loss. Especially in curves, it is important that the tyre then retains the side guide and the car can be kept under control. Not to forget the practical side: Run-flat tyres have the advantage that you don’t have to carry a spare wheel and can use the space for luggage instead.

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