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Services & inspection of all vehicles

Regardless of the year of manufacture, we carry out an inspection or service for all vehicles, including a manufacturer and mobility guarantee as well as the entry of all services into your service booklet. All service or inspection work is carried out according to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer, and we check all the important components of your vehicle to make sure they are free from defects or malfunctions.

Vehicle services in Worcester – CTS Auto Centre

The following points are checked during the full inspection:

Checking of the brake system

Checking of the engine including all the important components such as timing belts, spark plugs, alternator, etc.

Checking of the steering, transmission, bodywork, paint and electrical system, as required by the vehicle manufacturer.

After consultation with you, we will replace defective or worn-out wearing parts with replacement parts in original equipment manufacturer quality.

At what intervals should the inspection be carried out?

Inspection intervals vary widely among vehicle manufacturers. While some vehicle models are supposed to be inspected after just 9000 miles, other vehicles only have to go to the workshop for maintenance after around 20000 miles. The premium manufacturers often rely on high-quality components that last longer and therefore do not need to be replaced so quickly.

Therefore, the intervals between the individual inspections are often longer. The premium manufacturers also install sensors that primarily monitor important components of the vehicle and determine the next time for the inspection of the car based on the data obtained in this way.

In the case of vehicle manufacturers with cheaper components, it may be necessary to assume much shorter inspection intervals and consequently higher inspection costs.

The assumption that higher priced vehicles cause more expensive maintenance costs is therefore not always true. The driving behaviour is also a decisive factor in the determination of the service interval. If a car, is driven a lot under “full throttle” or only drives short distances, certain parts wear much faster compared to a vehicle that is usually driven at a moderate pace.

Oil service - every drop is an “elixir of life” for your vehicle’s engine

According to the manufacturer of your vehicle, you should have the condition of the engine-oil filter and oil checked every 10,000 to20,000 miles or according to your service display of the on-board computer. We at the CTS Auto Centre in Worcester offer expert service, as well as high-quality products.

The difference is the material.

When changing the oil, we only use quality oils that also match your engine type and comply with the specifications and recommendations of the respective vehicle manufacturer.

Longer life and good running of the engine can only be achieved if an oil and filter change is made at regular intervals.

This can be achieved by looking at the current mileage or service indicator of your vehicle and regularly checking the level of the engine oil between the oil change intervals.

If you have any queries or would like to book your car in for an interim- or full service/inspection, please get in touch with us.