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Why replace shock absorbers?

Shock absorbers suppress the vibrations of the un-sprung mass of the vehicle or to absorb it quickly. After the brakes, the steering and the tyres, the shock absorbers are the most important component to control a vehicle safely and comfortably.

Shock absorbers need to be changed from time to time - even without obvious damage, depending on stress, age and mileage. The consequences of weak shock absorbers are not only a prolonged braking distance, increased risk of aquaplaning and increased crosswind sensitivity, but also greater tyre wear.

When should shock absorbers be changed?

In order to avoid consequential costs and to restore safety and driving comfort, it is recommended to have shock absorbers inspected every 12,000 miles. With the regular shock absorber check at the CTS Auto Centre, we make sure that the shock absorbers of your vehicle are always intact.

If you notice any of the following, you should have your shock absorber checked by us as soon as possible:

  • Banging noises when driving slow, on bad roads,
  • Vibrations after a bump,
  • Uneven tyre wear,
  • Flapping steering,
  • “Spongy” cornering,
  • Increased crosswind sensitivity.

Our brand shock absorbers

We only use the best main dealer quality spare parts from manufacturers that stand for the highest quality and leading innovation in the field of the vehicle suspension.

Our experienced team will make sure; all work will be carried out to the highest standards.

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