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Bridgestone tyres: the best car tyres from Japan

The Japanese company Bridgestone, together with the American company Goodyear, make the largest tyre company in the world. Based on sales, Bridgestone is probably the largest company worldwide. The car tyre brand has gained a lot of experience in motorsports and has also become a well-known brand for summer tyres and winter tyres.

Tyres of the highest quality

Bridgestone was founded in 1931 by ShojiroIshibashi, and its headquarter is based in Tokyo. The name of the founder means 'stone bridge'. Hence the international name Bridgestone. The brand has developed into a supplier of high-quality tyres for many different vehicles.

The Japanese company followed Japanese car manufacturers when those factories opened abroad. In 1967 Bridgestone came to America, and in 1988 the company took over the large American tyre manufacturer Firestone.

The main activity of Bridgestone is the production of tyres for passenger cars, delivery vans and trucks. This means that about 75 Percent of the turnover is achieved this way. The rest of the production consists of rubber for various purposes. About 70 Percent of the production takes place outside Japan.

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Bridgestone summer tyres

Dueler, Duravis, Ecopia, Potenza and Turanza. They are all well-known names for Bridgestone summer tyres. You can find Bridgestone summer tyres on cars that have to deliver high performance under tough conditions. Bridgestone tyres have taken their good name from motorsports, including Formula One. The fact that Bridgestone also supplies tyres for aircrafts means that the company must indeed have excellent quality. Bridgestone summer tyres are especially a favourite with sporty drivers. They praise the stability these Japanese tyres.

It is not without reason that Aston Martin opts for Bridgestone tyres for the V8 Vantage S. In terms of technology, a lot of money is also being invested in run-flat tyres. Special Bridgestone tyres with you can drive with even after a puncture.

Bridgestone winter tyres

Bridgestone winter tyres often score top results in independent winter tyre tests.

Extreme winter weather such as snowy roads and ice are not a problem for these quality tyres.

Your vehicle will always keep the perfect grip on the surface in combination with a very short braking distance. Even in harsh winter conditions.

Bridgestone winter tyres guarantee very good grip on the road. The safety of you and your passengers is of paramount importance to this tyre producer.

The Bridgestone brand has long been known as a quality brand that provides exceptionally safe tyres at very affordable prices.


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