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  • Kumho is a fast-growing tyre brand from South Korea. Kumho tyres are known for the automotive and motorsport and the sponsorship of sporting events.
  • Kumho has proved it has got its place in the tyre world.
  • Kumho was established in South Korea in 1960 as a subsidiary of Asiana Airlines. In Korean, Kumho means: 'clear lake'. Nowadays Kumho is a globally operating tyre manufacturer, which is in the top 10 of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. More than 62 million tyres are produced each year and exported to over 160 countries. Not only passenger car tyres but also tyres for light commercial vehicles and trucks and tyres for engines, agricultural machinery and aircrafts are being produced.
  • Kumho tyres are known for the high level of safety they offer and for their reasonable price.

In recent years, Kumho has been investing heavily in the brand's reputation. In 2007 Kumho became Platinum Partner of Manchester United. The company also sponsors races like the European Formula 3.

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Kumho summer tyres

In the extensive range of Kumho summer tyres, we find fuel-saving tyres based on silica. These tyres also result in lower CO2 emissions. Respect for the environment is something that the company has included in its core values. Kumho also has tyres with rim protection and special run-flat tyres that allow you to continue to drive at a modified speed after a flat tyre.

One of the most popular Kumho summer tyres is the Kumho KH27. This is a tyre for compact cars such as city cars. With the Kumho KH27 under your car, you can count on excellent reliability and grip in all conditions. The big advantage of this type of summer tyre is its economy, which saves you good money on every driven mile.

Kumho winter tyres and all-season tyres

Kumho also has a large assortment of winter tyres. Kumho winter tyres are reliable winter tyres at a reasonable price. Ideal if you want to drive with seasonal tyres during the cold season, but do not want to pay too much money for them. A popular Kumho winter tyre is the Kumho WP51, available in many sizes.

The Kumho HA31 is an all-season tyre that is suitable for compact- and medium-sized cars. It offers excellent comfort and proper handling for a favourable price. This tyre is suitable for all seasons and can handle both wet, dry and snowy roads due to a special rubber mix and a technically advanced slat profile.

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