Van Tyres

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Van Tyres from CTS:

  • Safety and comfort for every job
  • Tailored to frequent and intensive use and heavier loads

The right tyres for your van

Over 10% of the vehicles on UK the roads fall under the category vans. Many of these are used for small loads over relatively short distances and easily transport heavy loads at high speeds.

As cheaply as possible from A to B is no longer the only requirement for vans. Safety and comfort also play a major role. Tyres play the leading role, as they are the only connection between your van and the road surface.

Type of van tyres

Van tyres are often exposed to a large (over) load and insufficient tyre pressure. For many vans, a reinforced car tyre is used for this, combining the characteristics of a passenger car tyre with company car efficiency. The structure of this tyre has been strengthened, allowing a higher tyre pressure and thus also a heavier load.


Van tyres are always comfortable due to their special rubber mixes and have a perfect road holding. They are distinguished by a noticeably low rolling resistance so that the tyre shows little wear. Furthermore, the tread contour is also geared to frequent and intensive use. As a result, the tyre is hardly susceptible to lane grooves and other road damage. This increases your safety and saves you costs.

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