Winter Tyres

What makes winter tyres so special?

The unique features of winter tyres are that they are made from a special rubber compound designed so that it remains elastic even at low temperatures. This ensures optimum meshing and thus power transmission between the tyre and the road surface. In contrast to summer tyres, they have special lamellae in addition to the profile. These lamellas are very well suited for gripping even lose ground - for example, snow or mud. For this purpose, the tyre profile is equipped with as many gripping edges as possible.

How to use winter tyres properly?

If low temperatures but dry weather conditions are present, tyre manufacturers recommend increasing the tyre pressure of winter tyres by 0.2 to 0.3 bar. The reason is that the pressure increase inside the tyre is lower than in warmer temperatures. However, if wet weather conditions prevail, lower tyre pressure is very conducive to the grip properties of winter tyres.

Winter profiles adhere better to the road in cold weather and are particularly effective on snow and ice. This is ensured by soft rubber compounds and a special lamellar profile. In comparison, a summer tyre hardens even at low heat levels, thereby losing the firm contact with the ground. Even the all-season tyre stays behind the characteristics of a winter tyre and runs worse in the summer than a pure summer tyre.

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Below 7 ° C winter tyres simply provide more safety than summer tyres, so from October to Easter winter tyres are recommended by experts.

Which winter tyre should I buy?

Many different manufacturers offer a range of winter profiles. The differences are mainly in the quality, which is determined by the tread compound, the type of profile and the nature of the slats. To make sure you feel safe on the road with your new set of tyres, remember a few signs that indicate a good winter tyre:

Some tyre brands are known for the quality and safety of their tyres. You can orient yourself on the annual winter tyres tests, which give information about the driving characteristics of selected tyres.

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